Electromobility Zone at ELECTRICITY

Electromobility Zone is a special place with:

  • Stands of leading companies in the electromobility industry
  • Over 13,000 trade visitors:
    • installers
    • local governments
    • investors
    • housing cooperatives
    • architects and designers
    • property managers
  • Training for designers and installers
  • Workshops for local government officials
  • Training for investors
  • Competition for the best electromobile product and the best electromobile investment






ELECTRICITY Trade Show in Poland is an event organized in the B2B formula.

Every year ELECTRICITY gathers 500 exhibitors and is visited by several thousand investors not only from Poland, but also from European Union countries (including Germany, Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Great Britain, France and the States Baltic States) and Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, the Maghreb countries, Egypt, the Middle East, central African countries and Iraq.

ELECTRICITY Trade Show in Poland is organized in cooperation with prestigious industry organizations.

The presentation within the Electromobility Poland guarantees that you will reach:

• designers and installers
• investors
• representatives of local governments
• representatives of cooperatives and housing associations

ELECTRICITY Trade Show in Poland combines training and workshops for over 1800 professionals with company exhibitions at the trade show.

Presentations as part of training and workshops are available only to exhibitors of the Trade Show.

Companies interested in cooperation and offer details are welcome to contact:

Konrad Mirowski, konrad.mirowski@agencjasoma.pl, +48 608 750 006

To apply for ELECTRICITY  please contact us here.