NEWS / Seminars' topics

The meetings' topics this year will include:

1. Building protection, security + monitoring installations and systems
2. Lightning and electric shock protection systems
3. Guidelines and code of practice for low voltage networks and wire and cable selections
4. Medium voltage electrical systems protection and low voltage distribution systems protection
5. New European and Polish requirements for cables and wires
5. Nowe wymagania w odniesieniu do kabli i przewodów i zespołów kablowych
6. Electrical installations of buildings - measurement and verification after execution of works and during normal operation
7. The profitability of investment in systems based on renewable energy sources for public sector buildings and small enterprises
8. Smart control of energy distribution grids – practical solutions for medium and low voltage Smart Grid systems
9. Smart lighting - practical intelligent lighting applications for street lighting, public, commercial and residential buildings
10. Reactive power compensation in low voltage networks
11. Ventilation systems of modern buildings
12. Installation and management of telecommunications infrastructure in residential and multi-storey buildings
13. Smart building - smart automation for industrial, public, commercial and residential buildings - essential guidelines and practical solutions
14. Buildings’ technical and operational requirements for emergency and  guaranteed power supply systems + innovative solutions for data centers, buildings and manufacturing sites
15. Electrical engineering software for the planning and documentation of electrical design projects
16. The Construction Law – new Polish building regulations - guide to the electrical engineers and electrical designers