BIM workshops for architects at ELECTRICITY


As part of ELECTRICITY, BIM workshops for architects will take place for the second time.

Thanks to the combination of BIM workshops with the LIGHT and ELECTRICITY Trade Shows, participants have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and talk with producers and distributors of solutions in the field of: Building Automation, electrical and teletechnical installations, Lighting, Renewable Energy, Elelectromobility and many others.


Details and contact:

All the interested in cooperation please contact:

Kamilla Walicka; e-mail:; tel.: +48 664 050 976


BIM workshops on LIGHT 2020



BIM workshops – facts

  Knowledge from practitioners

Prepared exercises are the result of cooperation of a team of specialists and are fully coordinated with various industries. Tasks will apply not only to creating a 3D models. We teach you how to coordinate a project in a team and how to make quick decisions thanks to analyzes.


  Digital libraries

You will receive libraries of products and components, thanks to which you will be able to perform projects more efficiently. During the BIM workshop you get ready partitions created according to manufacturers’ guidelines, labels for descriptions and digital locations for future projects


Case studies

In addition to the models you create with us during the exercises, you will receive sample projects on which to learn other construction solutions. We will show you how to use prefabricated elements, steel structure and other unusual solutions.


BIM models

A good BIM model is one with a lot of useful information for optimization and savings. Using structured information about a building speeds up making accurate decisions.



We gave each participant a certificate confirming their training and acquisition of skills in Revit, Navisworks, DIALux and Tekla BIMSight programs.


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