Meeting of local government units representatives:

LIGHT and ELECTRICITY for local governments

March 3rd, 2021



The meeting will be devoted to energy management in the field of lighting, renewable energy and electromobility in cities and communes.


The initiative to organize the event came from the community of local government units wanting to obtain the necessary knowledge as well as information needed to carry out the planned investments, and there is a lot to be done in this regard.

Over 70% of Polish cities and towns plan investments in the modernization of street lighting. The acceleration of steps in this direction is due not only to the high costs, but also to the expected significant increase in energy prices.


The meetings are organized in cooperation with the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland




  • outdoor lighting and lighting in public spaces
  • internal lighting of facilities managed by local government units
  • improving energy efficiency and air quality through the use of renewable energy sources
  • use of IoT (Internet of Things) in urban agglomerations and urbanized rural areas, including solutions not only in the field of energy-efficient LED lighting management, but also parking space management, waste collection, metering electricity and water consumption, data collection on air pollution, traffic intensity, etc.,
  • the use of electric vehicles along with the construction and operation of stations and charging points


The meetings will include both the plenary part and the training part in smaller groups, as well as a joint award gala in the competition for the Best Illuminated Commune and City of 2020 and the Best Lighting Investment of 2020.

Training meetings and plenary meetings will be substantive in nature and, apart from theoretical presentations, will be combined with interactive demonstrations at the fairgrounds. A special lighting zone for public areas will be additionally separated on the fairgrounds.

The meetings will be addressed both to representatives of local government authorities and people employed in investment, operation, maintenance and municipal departments.