RES Zone – Renewable Energy Sources at the Electricity Trade Show

The presentation within the RES Zone guarantees that your offer will reach:

  • persons exercising independent technical functions in construction,
  • designers and installers,
  • entities exercising technical control over the maintenance of all building structures,
  • representatives of cooperatives and housing associations,
  • representatives of local authorities,
  • representatives of industrial and service facilities.



The ELECTRICITY Trade Show combines traininsg and workshops for nearly 1,400 people with company exhibitions at the fairground.

RES zone at the ELECTRICITY Trade Show:

During this year’s 19th edition of the Trade Show, exhibitors presented solutions in the field of renewable energy sources. At the same time, training cycles were held for 1350 specialists.

Presentations as part of training and workshops are available only to exhibitors of the Trade Show.

Companies interested in cooperation and offer details are welcome to contact:

Konrad Mirowski,, +48 608 750 006

To apply for ELECTRICITY please contact us here.