TELECOMMUNICATION ZONE on the Electricity Trade Show

TELECOMMUNICATION ZONE is a joint initiative of representatives of all teletechnical and electrotechnical specialties. It is addressed to producers and distributors of devices, consultants, designers, contractors and administrators related to the broadly understood teletechnical industry. It enables industry meetings of various teletechnical and electrotechnical specialties, unique on the Polish exhibition market. The specificity of cable (including radio) investments requires that all presentations from related industries and specialties should be presented at one time and place.

The TELECOMMUNICATION ZONE is made even more attractive by a separate program of conferences and training courses, thanks to which it is possible to review the most important investment, modernization, technological and financial issues for the industry.

Zone topics:

  • Telephony
  • Telemedicine
  • ICT
  • Signaling (alarm, fire, access control and others)
  • Television (cable, receiving RTV-SAT, collective CCTV)
  • Sound system (utility, alarm, acoustic)
  • Other

TELECOMMUNICATION ZONE is the only exhibition event of its kind in Poland, covering in its scope issues related to telecommunications, construction and teletechnical installations, such as:

  • Technical building cabling
  • Teletechnical installation equipment
  • External teletechnical (telecommunications) networks
  • Teletechnical devices and systems
  • Installation tools and measuring and control devices for teletechnical installations
  • Teletechnical and telecommunications services
  • Other



  • installers, designers
  • persons responsible for investments in industrial and office construction
  • persons responsible for public and local government investments
  • senior technical supervision staff
  • developers
  • property managers

Companies interested in participating in the TELECOMMUNICATION ZONE and conducting presentations as part of conferences and trainings, please contact:

Krzysztof Soboński: e-mail: , tel.: 606 640 210

Presentations as part of conferences and trainings are available only to ZONE exhibitors.