The premiere of NTEC and Qoltec brand products at the The 19th International Trade Show ELECTRICITY

We are pleased to present NTEC and the Qoltec brand – new exhibitor at The 19th International Trade Show ELECTRICITY

Qoltec is a brand of high-quality modern technologies and innovative solutions that comply with European requirements. Qoltec offers a wide range of products, which include, among others. power adapters, batteries and spare parts for laptops, accessories for PCs, smartphones and tablets, sports cameras, and many other computer accessories.

Qoltec brand products are not only attractively designed based on the latest technological trends and comply with European requirements, but are also easy to use and at an affordable price.

As reported by the brand: We draw inspiration from life, thanks to which our devices are intuitive and easy to use. As a company operating on the market for many years, we know that in order to define the direction of technological reality, it takes more than just “here and now” action.

Long-term planning and the ability to predict market needs allow us to derive the best from tradition and combine it with modernity. The innovation process starts with a bold idea and ends with solid performance.

We know that a creative approach is not everything, the customer’s perspective is the most important, which is why our products are a response to their needs.

You will be able to see this and many other novelties at the biggest event in the industry – one place and date, three events Trade Show Light, Trade Show Electricity And Automaticon
January 26-28, 2022, EXPO XXI Warsaw – The International Trade Fair and Congress Center

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