Trainings and workshops


ELECTRICITY is the only event combining the presentation of the latest products with the training concept.

It is combined with several conferences, workshops and seminars for more than 1500 participants – electrical engineers, surveillance inspectors, installers, architects and representatives of local authorities, road and energy management from all over Poland.

By promoting companies and their products, we also care about a wide range of workshops for trade show participants who can take part in scientific seminars, conferences and training for specialists, including presentation of equipment and the latest technologies used in lighting, electrical engineering and construction.

Trainings and workshops are organized in cooperation with leading associations and industry organizations.

Seminars topics include:

1. Various legal problems related to the design, acceptance and supervision of electrical and automation systems and installation + electric power distribution networks – from project procedure, rules and standards to design principles and installation practice.
2. Earthing systems in MV/LV substations
3. Protection against electric shock in high-voltage systems
4. Legal and organizational requirements for testing the effectiveness of the protection against electric shock in high voltage systems
5. How to predict, prevent & secure workplaces with electric power devices
6. Guidelines on the acceptance and testing of electrical power equipment and distribution network. Final acceptance and testing of electrical power devices and distribution networks – guidance notes and recommendations
7. Acceptance processes in the distribution system operators
8. Guidance notes to standardization of MV / LV indoor transformer stations in the distribution system operators
9. Scope of the controls of electrical demand facilities
10. Selected aspects of the design of electrical installations
11. Electrical & telecommunication engineering software tools
12. 3d printers
13. Modern ventilation systems in buildings
14. Fire safety in buildings
15. Fire protection at petrol stations
16. Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX – 2014/34/EU)
17. Testing of low voltage electrical installations, conducting and filling the Building Object Book
18. Protection against electric shock in low voltage installations and overhead power lines
19. Surge protection in low voltage networks
20. Selected problems of lightning protection
21. Guaranteed power supply in industry, ICT, transport and power distribution systems
22. Rules and guidelines for connecting power generators to networks and installations
23. Power quality and reactive power compensation in industrial networks, office buildings, commercial and service buildings and public facilities – technical aspects, new technologies and solutions, optimased network equipment
24. Relay selection for industry and distribution systems
25. Thermal imaging cameras for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electrical installations and electrical devices
26. Requirements for connector housings, switchgears and control cabinets – from design and configuration to post-completion documentation
27. Cable & wires selection + laying techniques
28. Cable management systems
29. Photovoltaic systems -design and operation, selection of security devices
30. Heat pumps – selection rules, example solutions, practical tips
31. Regulation on technical conditions that should be met by buildings and their location – requirements for electrical and telecommunication installations
32. Intelligent building – intelligent installation systems
33. Telecommunicaton installation in multi-family buildings, design and operation
34. Street lighting in a modern city
35. Intelligent lighting systems – technologies, control, fittings, power supply
36. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in workplaces – utopia or the future of LED lighting?
37. Electric shock protection and lighting luminaires + systems for hospitals and other healthcare facilities
38. Anti-smog devices and anti-smog filters
39. Electromobility in Polish cities