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General information

Electricity Trade Show is a space for innovation in the field of electrical engineering, electrical engineering, construction and teletechnics, as well as solutions in the field of electromobility, automation and renewable energy.

Electricity Trade Show

ELECTRICITY is permanently inscribed in the calendar of trade shows both in Poland and abroad. The mission of the industry education, which for years guided the organizers, resulted in the emergence of a new quality on the Polish market map.

ELECTRICITY is the only industry event in Poland that combine the presentation of the latest products with the training concept. 


By participating in the fair you will gain:

  • expanding sales network with new customers
  • direct contacts with industry professionals
  • expert advices
  • numerous business contacts thanks to the B2B and B2C formula
  • the opportunity to participate in workshops and training for industry

How to become an exhibitor?

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Materials to download


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Offer for companies

The best and largest regional gathering of electrical professionals, products and services.

Electricity is focused on B2B meetings to build deal-making relationships with customers. Electricity in Warsaw, Poland is not only a trade show, but a system of connections, creativity and innovation generating a great raft of new opportunities to manufacturers as well as customers.

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