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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to meet the requirements of all our clients. Check the answers to frequently asked questions or contact us!


Where are the fairs held?

The fair takes place in the modern Expo XXI fair and exhibition center in Warsaw, which is located at Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street. EXPO XXI has over 15,000 sq m of usable space, including 4 multi-functional halls, 10 conference rooms, catering facilities and a car park for 1,500 cars.

Find out more about the location of the fair

What time are the opening hours?

Fair opening hours for Visitors: March 15 - 16 (Wednesday-Thursday): 10.00  - 17.00 March 17  (Friday): 10.00 - 16.00


Is there a fee for entering the Fair?

Yes, admission to the fair is ticketed. The ticket costs PLN 50. When registering on-line, entry is free.

Do I have to register for the Fair?

Yes, you must register to enter the Fair. The link to the registration will be added soon.

Can I register as a visitor during ELECTRICITY?

Yes, online registration works throughout the duration of the fair.

I don't have the printed version of the invitation, but the mobile one. Can I still enter the venue?

Yes, the mobile invitation will be also read by our registering devices.

How many people can use one invitation?

One invitation can be used by one person.

Is the invitation valid for the whole event?

Yes, the invitation is valid for 3 fair days

I don't want to register online but still want to visit ELECTRICITY. What to do?

According to the regulations currently in force, each visitor is obliged to register on-line.


Is there a cloakroom in the venue?

Yes, there is at least one open cloakroom in the venue for ELECTRICITY visitors.

Is the cloakroom free of charge?

There is a small cloakroom fee.


Is there a car parking at the fairgrounds?

Yes, it is - 1500 parking spaces

How much is the parking pass?

The parking card is 8 zł/h or 70 zł per all day

I have a parking ticket, where should I pay for it?

Parking ticket must be paid at ticket boxes on the fair ground.

Where should I go for an invoice for a parking ticket?

Parking ticket must be paid at ticket boxes on the fair ground.

Conferences, trainings, workshops

What should be done to take part in a conference, training or workshop as a participant?

To participate in the training, you must register on the website. All additional events are held in Polish. The link to the registration will be added soon.

What is the workshops programme?

The program is varied and depends on the current situation in the industry. The program will be published in early 2023

Are there any seats during lectures?

Yes, there are.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us!

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