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Lightning and Surge Protection Zone
A special, separate area at the fair

Lightning and Surge Protection Zone






A special, separate area at the fair, within which company stands will be located, and a show zone where specialists from the Polish Lightning Protection Committee SEP will conduct tests / demonstrations / tests with a surge current using a generator.

The patronage over the zone and the training is provided by the Polish Committee for Lightning Protection SEP.

The presentation within the zone will include:

  • lightning and surge protection devices and systems for power supply, ICT, data transmission,industrial automation and photovoltaic installations
  • earthing systems, equipotential bonding, short circuits, drain wires and connections,protective and isolating spark gaps
  • accessories and installation equipment adhesives and sealants, anti-corrosion protectionMeasuring devices

The zone of lightning and surge protection installations is accompanied by a two-day training.
The training is organized under the patronage and in cooperation with the Polish Committee for Lightning Protection SEP.
Each of the exhibitors in the zone, as part of the fair fee, may conduct a company presentation during the training.
We look forward to working with you!


The presentation as part of the Zone guarantees that you will reach visiting industry professionals:

• people who design installations:
1. electric
2. power engineering
3. telecommunication
• people with independent technical functions
• representatives of energy companies
• installers and representatives of contractors
• persons exercising supervision and technical control over electrical equipment in enterprises
• representatives of cooperatives and housing communities,
• representatives of local government authorities,
• management staff in industrial and service plants

The Trade Show Electrixity combines training and workshops with company displays at the fairgrounds.
Presentations at conferences and trainings are available only to ZONE exhibitors.

Companies interested in participating in the Zone and conducting presentations as part of conferences and trainings, please contact:

Krzysztof Soboński: e-mail: , tel.: 606 640 210