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Renewable Energy Zone
RES Zone – Renewable Energy Sources at the Electricity Trade Show

RES Zone – Renewable Energy Sources at the Electricity Trade Show





The presentation within the RES Zone guarantees that your offer will reach:

  • persons exercising independent technical functions in construction,
  • designers and installers,
  • entities exercising technical control over the maintenance of all building structures,
  • representatives of cooperatives and housing associations,
  • representatives of local authorities,
  • representatives of industrial and service facilities.


The RES zone at the Elektrotechnika fair is:

Stands of leading RES companies:

  • photovoltaics
  • heat pump
  • wind farms
  • energy distribution systems and equipment
  • securing renewable energy installations
  • energy management systems
  • energy storage systems
  • software for monitoring the operation of installations
  • plant design systems and software
  • financing renewable energy investments

We offer an exhibition space (in variants with and without buildings)

The offer includes:

  • exhibition space without buildings
  • entry in the fair catalog
  • 1 parking pass valid for 4 days
  • IDs for exhibitors authorizing them to enter the fairgrounds free of charge
  • electronic invitation for visitors, entitling them to free admission to the Fair
  • Internet access in the exhibition halls with a speed of 1Mbps (max. 1500 users at the same time) during the Fair
  • connection to the electrical installation – power up to 2kW
  • export of waste

The RES Zone exhibitors have the opportunity to make presentations during training sessions organized as part of the Fair.


Presentations as part of training and workshops are available only to exhibitors of the Trade Show.
Companies interested in cooperation and offer details are welcome to contact:
Krzysztof Soboński: e-mail: , tel.: 606 640 210