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Automation Zone
Automation Zone at ELECTRICITY

Automation Zone







The presentation within the Zone includes devices, systems and software in the field of:

  • home automation and smart home
  • automation for public utility buildings
  • automation for commercial buildings
  • automation for industrial facilities
  • security and access control systems
  • data transmission, analysis and storage systems
  • cabling systems
  • installation accessories



The presentation as part of the Automation Zone guarantees reaching visiting industry professionals:

  • people who independently perform technical functions in construction
  • installers
  • people and companies responsible for maintaining the proper technical condition of buildings and for carrying out ad hoc and periodic inspections
  • representatives of cooperatives and housing communities
  • representatives of local government authorities
  • representatives of industrial and service plants


Trade Show Light combines training and workshops for over 1800 people with company displays at the fairgrounds. Presentations as part of trainings and workshops are available only to the exhibitors of the Fair.


Companies interested in cooperation and offer details are welcome to contact:

Krzysztof Soboński, e-mail:, ph.: +48 606 640 210