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The Zone of Innovations and Inventions
The aim of this project is the commercialization of inventions and the transfer of innovative technologies for the needs of various sectors of the economy – from industry to trasport and amedicine.

The Zone of Innovations and Inventions




The zone includes:

  • A competition of inventions and innovative solutions, in which an independent committee will award prizes and awards
  • Innovation and Inventions for Industry and Business 2023 Conference, with the audience consisting of investors, industry representatives and institutions supporting business and innovation
  • Meetings with investors, industry representatives, decision makers and local government authorities
  • Presentation of inventions at stands and at the scientific conference


The zone is dedicated to:

  • scientific institutes as well as Technology Transfer Centers
  • start-ups and spin-offs
  • inventors and innovators
  • investors and investment funds
  • incubators, research and development centers, business environment units
  • all entities supporting innovation


The exhibitors of the Zone can present both advanced products and technologies in the research and implementation process, as well as those already ready for implementation and commercialization.

We guarantee the participants of the Zone a wide media presence and promotion as part of the promotion of the Zone and the Fair.

We guarantee special, preferential conditions for participation in this event. Let’s meet in Warsaw on March 15th – 17th, 2023!


Krzysztof Soboński: e-mail: , tel.: 606 640 210